About Me

I spent over 30 years as a teacher in a variety of UK schools where I taught Mathematics to 11-16 year olds.
I also needed a creative outlet and over the years I have enjoyed a number of things to satisfy this need.
These have included woodwork, papercraft, cross-stitch embroidery and knitting. 
As I result, I became interested in miniatures, especially those in one twelfth scale for dolls' houses. These dolls were knitted on needles about the same gauge as a darning needle using embroidery thread.

Miniature Knitting

Then I discovered glass. My introduction was a 10 week course of three hours per week using the copper foil method for stained glass.
By chance, one day, I noticed an advertisement for one day fused glass courses and my husband booked one for me as a Christmas present. I was hooked!
On our way home from the course, I purchased a microwave kiln and some glass to play with.
About three months later, I bought a full size kiln.

My First Fused Glass Items
Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture

Do you want to find out if glass fusing is for you?
Taking a class like I did is a great way to find out. If you are in or close to Essex, this is where I took my first class. 

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