What do you need to fuse glass?

Glass fusing is both addictive and expensive. However, it is FUN!


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Most fusers use a lot of flat glass from which they cut their shapes. Crushed glass, known as frit, comes in various sizes: coarse, medium, fine and powder. Glass stringers are thin rods that come in a variety of diameters.

Hand Tools

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Basic tools  allow you to score and break the glass. With practice, it is possible to cut quite complex shapes. Tools such as sifters and tweezers allow you to place the glass exactly where you want it. 

Power Tools

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Power tools are, probably, the most expensive items. Top of the list is the kiln.  Grinders remove sharp spots and reshape glass. A scroll saw enables very complex cuts and shapes to be made. 

Moulds for shaping glass

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Moulds are used to shape glass. There are also moulds available to cast glass. Moulds are most often ceramic or stainless steel.

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